I am from a country that has with God a chat,

 since the start, it is the country He has been looking at,

 He has loved, He has chosen as a matter of fact,

 to be where the plan of salvation begins its impact.



I am from a country located in the heart of the earth,

 where the Word of God celebrated its marvelous birth,

 where God and man on its sacred soil made a deal,

 where life with all its manifestations, you see and feel.



A taste of heaven, a touch of eternity, a glare of twilight, 

 a masterpiece of art inspired in the silence of the night,

 a magnificent country vibrant with colors, vivid with light,

 rich in its symbols, secrets, mysteries, and insight.



It is the land of promise with magic features and landscape,

 where a new history of love, Jesus decided to shape.













Taybeh is a name of fame written in letters of gold,

   a story of glory throughout history it has been told,

it is where Jesus sanctified its soil with His foothold, 

  where His words of love gave fruits a hundredfold.



  When Jesus came to Taybeh to wipe its gloom,       

 to wash its tears,dispel its fears and end its doom,

when He came in zoom to make the roses bloom,

   the bride of Ephraim made ready for Her bridegroom.  


              But when He left Taybeh to Jerusalem to face His fate,      

             He was on date with the cross and pain was His mate,     
       He faced hate with love to make things go straight,

      to win heaven, He paid His life as a rate on its gate.


 Taybeh is an aroma of charm from the past it came,   

 a pure Christian village where  the Gospel I proclaim

 an overshadow of paradise that I look for and claim,

a rally of awesome beauty in a well-designed frame,

 among the towns and villages, Taybeh is a kindled flame,

that was not and is not and will not be the same,


     Taybeh is a pile of stony houses sitting in self-esteem,

     a pillow on which the moon lays his head to have a sleep,

      a plateau of dew glitters when the sun reflects its beam,

     a window of hope through which the dawn starts to creep.



The singing of its birds, the rustle of its trees,

the fragrance of its soil, the freshness of its breeze,

the echo of its valleys, the stretch of its plains,

the ascent of its mountains, the walk on its lanes,

all this, remind me of the past when I was a boy,

 running, jumping, dancing, swinging with great joy,

when life was simple, childish, meek and pure,

with no worries, no stress and no pain to endure.


long time ago, I hid here my dreams and memories,

which I reshape now in poems, songs and melodies.



Note: Taybeh is the hometown of the author. It is mentioned as Ephraim in the Gospel of  John 11:54 and Ophrah in the Book of  Judges 6.